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Fixed Palatal Crib

While thumb sucking is a comforting behavior infants and children often develop, it can cause issues if it continues past a certain age. Thumb sucking that persists into a child’s older years can alter jaw development and lead to several potential problems, but a fixed palatal crib can help.

At Rappahannock Orthodontics, we want you and your child to have the best smiles possible. Get in touch with our team today to schedule an appointment for a fixed palatal crib!

Fixed Palatal Crib Diagram | Rappahannock Orthodontics

What Is a Fixed Palatal Crib?


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Fixed palatal cribs are a type of “habit appliance.” The device is made from metal and goes inside the mouth, attaching to the upper teeth. It has semicircular wires designed to keep children from pushing their thumb or other fingers against their teeth.

Since the child cannot put their thumb where they usually do, the fixed palatal crib can often eradicate thumb sucking completely. Common issues associated with prolonged or vigorous thumb sucking include:

  • Teeth misalignment.
  • Crossbite.
  • Anterior open bite.
  • Abnormal swallowing.
  • Altered speech.

If you believe your child is at risk for future teeth problems, consult a professional as soon as possible.

Who Should Get One?

Children's Orthodontics - Fredericksburg, VA

If you have a child older than 3 who has continued to suck their thumb or other fingers, you should take them to be fitted for a fixed palatal crib. Most thumb sucking stops, but if it doesn’t or if your elementary- or middle-school-aged child has jaw or teeth abnormalities, consider scheduling an appointment for an assessment.

How Long Does a Fixed Palatal Crib Need to Be Worn?

After your child has the initial consultation — usually involving X-rays, dental impressions or photographs — the orthodontic team will create a custom-made fixed palatal crib. Usually, the device only needs to be worn for a few months to ensure the behavior has stopped. Your child will be monitored during that time.

How Long Does a Fixed Palatal Crib Need to Be Worn?

If you believe your child would benefit from a fixed palatal crib, trust the reliable team at Rappahannock Orthodontics to help. Benefits of choosing us for orthodontics in Fredericksburg and Safford, Virginia, include:

  • Expert treatment: Our doctors and staff provide high-quality services to everyone who walks in the door, whether the patient is a child or an adult.
  • Comfortable experience: We want you and your child to have a pleasant time with us. Our waiting room and staff are inviting, and we work hard to ensure your treatments are comfortable.
  • Focus on children: Our team has expert training in child orthodontics. We’ll let your child know what is happening and address their questions — and yours! We also acutely understand the development of a child’s teeth and jaw, giving us the necessary expertise to recommend the proper care.

Contact Us to Schedule an Appointment in Fredericksburg or Stafford

If you are concerned about your child’s thumb sucking and how it affects their teeth and jaw, we can help. The professionals at Rappahannock Orthodontics are prepared to provide a safe, welcoming consultation for a fixed palatal crib. Contact us today to request an appointment for Fredericksburg or Stafford!

Call 540-371-2611 to make an appointment in Stafford or Fredericksburg today!
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