Orthodontic emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies are rare. You may experience some minor problems, but true emergencies are uncommon. If you have a true emergency, call 911. If you have a broken appliance or another issue, contact Rappahannock Orthodontics as soon as possible. If needed, we will see you at our Amyclae or Chatham office. Read on to find out what constitutes an orthodontic emergency.

Is this an emergency?

There are only a few reasons to seek emergency orthodontic assistance.

  • Injury to your face, mouth, or teeth
  • Infection or significant swelling of your face, mouth, or gums
  • Severe pain in the face, mouth, or gums*

*Please note that you may have minor discomfort with your braces. Intolerable pain is an emergency.

In an emergency, go directly to the emergency room. If you aren’t sure, call your regular dentist for advice.

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