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Removable Essix Retainers

Orthodontic treatment takes time and money, so you should receive lasting results! At Rappahannock Orthodontics, we help patients preserve their treatment outcomes by providing Essix retainers. Your Essix retainer will keep your teeth, maintaining your new smile. Visit our office in Fredricksburg or Stafford, Virginia, to receive a removable Essix retainer. 

Young woman holing a removeable clear essix retainer

What Are Essix Retainers?

Woman smiling with a hawley retainer

Essix retainers hold your teeth in place after orthodontic treatment. Your teeth can shift from their realigned positions over time, but an Essix retainer can ensure your results last. 

Essix retainers are slim, clear trays that fit over the teeth. Our orthodontists tailor an Essix retainer for each patient. To make each device as unique and effective as possible, we capture a model of the mouth that we use to create an exact mold. Then, we coat the mold with plastic that takes its shape and forms the retainer tray. You’ll receive one retainer for your top teeth and another for the bottom. 

How Do Essix Retainers Work? 

Young woman wearing a clear essix aligner retainer on her teeth

Essix clear retainers preserve the results of orthodontic treatment by holding the teeth in place. The sturdy Essix retainer material is strong enough to resist the teeth’s natural motion toward their previous positions. You’ll wear your Essix retainer every night, usually for the first year after treatment. Your orthodontist may also recommend daytime use. 

Wearing an Essix retainer is a critical part of completing your orthodontic treatment. Without a retainer, your teeth may shift out of alignment, meaning you’ll need to restart the process. Essix is one of the most effective retention tools, so this retainer can save you time and money on future treatment. 

How to Care for Your Essix Retainer

Caring for your Essix retainer is as easy as performing a few simple cleaning measures and monitoring your eating habits. 

Clean your Essix retainer with cold water and a soft brush. Some substances and materials can harm the retainer, and soap and toothpaste can cause clouding. Do not soak the retainer in mouthwash or cleaning chemicals. You may soak your retainer in an over-the-counter denture solution according to its instructions. Warm and boiling water can warp the retainer, reducing its effectiveness. 

You can maintain a normal diet while using an Essix retainer as long as you remove it for meals and brush your teeth before putting it back in. Consuming water while wearing an Essix retainer is fine. 

Why Rappahannock Orthodontics?

When you need orthodontic treatment, find a provider who’s willing to identify the best solution for your needs. For patients near Fredricksburg and Stafford, Virginia, that provider is Rappahannock Orthodontics. 

Dr. Matthew H. Caspersen is a board-certified orthodontist committed to providing the most effective treatment for the situation. You’ll visit one of our peaceful offices for personalized attention and assurance that the Essix retainer is the best option for you. 

Request an Appointment 

Rappahannock Orthodontics is ready to complete your treatment with an Essix retainer that will ensure your results last. To get started with Dr. Caspersen, request a consultation appointment today! 

Call 540-371-2611 to make an appointment in Stafford or Fredericksburg today!
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