Metal braces

Metal braces in Fredericksburg & Stafford

When you think of braces, do you picture the large metallic devices of the past? While many modern braces are still metallic, they are smaller than ever for a comfortable treatment option. At Rappahannock Orthodontics, we offer traditional metal braces for patients of all ages to create beautiful smiles they’ll want to show off for years to come.

Are you a good candidate for braces?

Traditional metal braces are an effective treatment option and will help improve your overall oral health. Braces use an archwire and brackets to place constant pressure on your teeth. Over time this pressure will shift your teeth into the proper position for a straighter smile. You may be a good candidate for braces if you are experiencing the following issues:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • Bite problems such as an overbite, underbite or crossbite.
  • Spacing issues such as gaps or overcrowding.

What are the benefits of metal braces?

In addition to being small in size and comfortable, traditional braces offer various functional benefits. Some of the many advantages of metal bracket braces include:

  • Effective treatment: Traditional braces allow our orthodontists to correct the alignment of your teeth at an individual level to create a beautiful, long-lasting smile.
  • Increased durability: Metal braces are incredibly strong, and you can trust they will last during appropriate meals.
  • Fewer procedures: Braces will improve your oral health and help you avoid more complicated procedures such as tooth extractions and dentures.

How to care for metal braces

Developing a proper cleaning and care routine is essential to protect your braces and the teeth underneath. After applying your braces, we will schedule regular appointments to examine and tighten your device. Attending these visits is vital, as missing them can extend your treatment time.

When you are at home, brush and floss your teeth after meals to improve your oral health by preventing foods from becoming trapped in your metal bracket braces. You should also actively avoid certain foods such as gum, pizza crust or apples that may become trapped in or damage your device.

How much do metal braces cost?

The final cost of your metal braces will vary depending on your specific needs. Factors such as insurance, additional X-rays and imaging can affect the price of your treatment plan. It’s important to remember, though, that your metal braces are an investment in your oral health, and the results will last throughout your life.

Why Rappahannock Orthodontics is your destination for metal braces

At Rappahannock Orthodontics, our main priority is helping our patients smile with confidence. When you choose us for your braces treatment, you know you’re in good hands under the care of Dr. Caspersen or Dr. Lowe. Our entire staff is highly knowledgeable. Let us help you achieve a picture-perfect smile with traditional metal braces.

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