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Invisalign® Provider in Fredericksburg and Stafford

Thanks to many advancements in orthodontic appliances, metal braces are no longer the only option for improving your smile. Now, adults and teens can use Invisalign® from Rappahannock Orthodontics to straighten their smiles without altering their appearance.

By choosing our practice for your Invisalign needs, you can be confident you will receive expert care throughout every step of the process. Our offices use state-of-the-art technology such as 3D printers and iTero® 3D scans to create customized clear plastic aligners. These devices will gradually shift your teeth into position over time for a straighter smile.

Clear Aligner Therapy - Fredericksburg, VA

The Best Invisalign Treatment Plans

Clear Aligners - Fredericksburg, VA

Rappahannock Orthodontics is proud to provide personalized orthodontic treatment plans for our patients. We provide Invisalign for adults and Invisalign teen in Fredericksburg and Stafford. During your free consultation, Dr. Caspersen, our Invisalign orthodontist, will take a complete scan of your mouth using the iTero 3D scanner for an accurate impression of your teeth and gums. After your Invisalign consultation, Dr. Caspersen will create and customize your first set of aligners using our in-house 3D printer. 

At the end of each stage of treatment, you will receive a new aligner to ensure your teeth continue moving into position. Once your Invisalign treatment plan is complete, Dr. Caspersen will give you a retainer to wear. This device will help keep your teeth in the proper positions and prevent them from shifting back into misalignment. It’s essential to wear your retainer for the recommended amount of time to preserve your smile.

What Are the Benefits of Invisalign?

Invisalign - Fredericksburg, VA

As you may have gathered from the name, the aligners in an Invisalign treatment consist of clear plastic that creates an almost invisible appearance. Some additional benefits of the system include:

  • Improved oral hygiene: Since you can remove your aligners, you can clean and floss your teeth more effectively than you can with other treatment options.
  • No dietary restrictions: With Invisalign, you can take out your aligners to eat the foods you enjoy.
  • Greater comfort: Invisalign aligners use a soft, flexible material, allowing them to rest comfortably in your mouth.
  • Protection against teeth grinding: If you grind or clench your teeth, clear aligners can serve as a mouth guard to protect your smile.

Why Visit Rappahannock Orthodontics for Clear Aligners?

We employ only the most experienced and knowledgeable orthodontic and clinical assistants to ensure our patients receive the best care. Our office’s dedication to providing quality patient service will give you the confidence that you have made the right choice by selecting Rappahannock Orthodontics to help improve your smile. Whether you are visiting our office for your free consultation or your final appointment, you can expect professional and courteous service from every member of our team.

Schedule an Appointment at One of Our Offices Today

Straighten your smile discreetly with Invisalign from Rappahannock Orthodontics today! We offer Invisalign to Fredericksburg and Stafford communities. Our entire Invisalign process occurs in-house to customize your treatment to your exact needs and save you money. To learn more about our services or schedule an appointment at our Invisalign doctor sites in Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia, please call us at 540-371-2611.

Call 540-371-2611 to make an appointment in Stafford or Fredericksburg today!

3D iTero Scan - Rappahannock Orthodontics - Fredericksburg, VA

3D iTero Scan

Using the iTero 3D scanner, we can take accurate impressions of your teeth and gums digitally. No more putty! These impressions can be sent to Align Technology to customize your Invisalign aligners.
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Dental 3D Printing - Rappahannock Orthodontics - Fredericksburg, VA

3D Printer

Our 3D printing technology creates the perfect aligners that match your needs. This allows us to help you achieve your optimal smile!  
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Digital Dental X-Rays - Rappahannock Orthodontics - Fredericksburg, VA

Digital X-rays

The future in digital imaging is here! We’re able to process x-rays in real-time and with more accuracy.
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